Inspect Your Lures
Lures Develop Cracks

Craig Sandell 2019

Lures, especially crank baits, take one heck of a beating during the Musky season. Regardless of the coating on your crank baits, they will develop cracks.

In this article, I will show you some typical problems and give you some remedies.

Epoxy formed, epoxy coated and hard plastic coated lures will, over the course of a season, develop cracks. Cracks in the coating will allow water to seep under the coating and eventually destroy the lure action, making the lure useless.

Chipped Coating

Lip Stress

Body Crack Fatigue

Among the most common problems that you will find with coated lures are the four conditions shown above. The chipped epoxy can be due to the lure hitting a hard surface, like a rock, as it was cast. The stress crack can be caused by the action of a Musky battle or by trying to free a lure from a sub-surface snag or from a tree. The body crack, as with the stress crack, can be caused by Musky encounters or a casting mishap. The fatigue crack is typical in deep diver lures when you are banging the lure off the rocky bottom or sub-surface structure.

All of these problems can be repaired using a 5 minute epoxy. The key is letting the lure dry out completely and making sure that the lure surface to be repaired is clean. After the lure is dry, take some rubbing alcohol to clean the lure surface. The alcohol will not compromise the finish, will remove dirt and will evaporate quickly. Mix your epoxy per the manufacturers instructions and then apply a thin coating to the affected area of the lure using a tooth pick. You may want to apply more than one coating to the area. I recommend that you let the epoxy dry and set for at least 8 hours before you apply another coating. Although I am using 5 minute epoxy, the epoxy does not obtain its total strength for about 8 hours.

I should note at this point that there are some conditions that may not be good candidates for repair. The body crack shown above may be an indication that the lure has a sub-surface fracture that may cause the lure to be questionable. Likewise, the fatigue crack may be an early warning sign that the lure has reached or is fast approaching the end of its useful life. You will have to be the judge!!!