Putting A Hook Hanger To Work !!!
By: Craig Sandell 20

The hooks hanger is typically used as a method to suspend a hook from the body of your lure. The draw back to the hook hanger is the possibility that the screws will, over time, back out (When was the last time you checked them for snugness). The alternate method for suspending a hook from your lure is through the use of a screweye; the screweye too has the potential to loosen over time. Enter the hook hanger again. You can easily modify a hook hanger and use it to prevent a screweye from backing out.

This procedure is not complicated, but it will require a few tools. You will need the following implements of construction:

Bench Vise

Tri-angular File
& Side Cutters

You probably have these tools out in the garage. If you don't, you can get them, relatively inexpensively, at your local hardware store.

You will need to get yourself a hook hanger. The one pictured here is a standard catalog item. They are not expensive and cost about 40 cents for a bag of 10.

The Step By Step

Place the hook hanger in the jaws of the bench vise and secure it snugly so that about of an inch of the body of the hook hanger is above the jaws of the vise.

Using your side cutters, remove the stem of the hook hanger and file down any remaining stem so that it is flush with the body of the hook hanger.
Using the angled edge of the triangular file, cut a groove in the center of the body of the hook hanger.

Your Hook Hanger should now look like the modified one shown here at the left.

Lure Installation

Now it is a simple matter to install the modified hook hanger on your lure's screweye to prevent it from backing out. Place the modified hook hanger on the lure so that the groove that you cut in the hook hanger brackets the screw eye. (Make sure that the hook hanger groove is tight up against the screw eye.) Secure the hook hanger to the lure body using a #2 by " brass screw and you are ready to fish. [See the Hawg Wobbler below.]