The Quest For A Weedless Musky Lure
By Craig Sandell © 2020

Throughout the Musky season, weeds are an unavoidable consideration when fishing for our Musky friend. In the early Spring, we are searching for emerging weeds and as the season progresses we are seeking methods to fish close to the weed edges.

We all know that emerging cold fronts have Musky holding deeper next to weedy areas or even right into the weed. These Musky movements have Musky anglers looking for ways to fish Musky when they are in tight to or deep in the weeds. (See my article Where Musky Go).

Over the years, there has been a parade of weedless Musky lures that offered the promise of a solution to fishing in the weeds. Some of these weedless lures are somewhat successful and some just flat donít work. When you consider that we are trying drag a spinning mechanical device, bristling with hooks through a tangle of underwater vegetation, it is amazing that anything can successfully navigate that type of obstacle.

I recently had the opportunity to visit a custom lure and tackle outlet in Boulder Junction Wisconsin, Janieís Flies. While I was there, I came across a weedless lure configuration that deserves some serious consideration as we look to the 2014 Musky season.

Janie Harpster, the owner of Janieís Flies, has put together a weedless Musky Lure configuration that is a very interesting approach.

The lure has either a single or tandem #5 French blade. The lure is also equipped with a 4/0 or 6/0 Gamakatsu EWG Hook.

The interesting twist is a rubber creature that is configured with a slit in the body of the rubber creature where the Gamakatsu EWG Hook fits comfortably.

This configuration allow for the point of the hook to be inserted into the rubber creature in a manner to maximize the lureís weedless potential.

The lure is configured with opposing tinsel to give the lure a larger cross section during the retrieve.

Janie recommends one of her stranded leaders to enhance the weedless lure's effectiveness. I have never been a fan of stranded leaders because many manufactures use a crimp to secure the tag ends.

Janie's Multi-species 7-Strand wire Leaders are hand tied using a custom knot along with a series of wire wraps that eliminate the need for crimps or sleeves. The quality barrel swivel and Duo-Lock snap make for a quality stranded wire leader.

Visit her website at and checkout "Ramit Weedless Tinsel Lures".

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