Musky America Magazine

Fishing The Slop Throughout the Muskie season, many Muskie anglers and bass anglers as well, pass up those thick patches of weeds or other vegetation (SLOP) where fish are known to lurk. Anglers are heard to exclaim: "I know there is a fish there but the vegetation is just too thick to get a lure through it". Over the year there have been attempts to devise methods to fish the slop. Weedless bucktails are only somewhat successful and plastics don't seem to have the flash that instills confidence. There is a lure that has been recently made available that seeks to make it more attractive to invade the 'Wonderful World of Slop'. The lure is appropriately called the SLOPPER . It uses a hammered Buzz blade attached to a Weedless Spoon with a yellow plastic double tail as an attractor. This 7" lure weighs 1-1/8 ounces, and is also likely to be a producer of bass. This lure has all of the elements to attract fish, noise from the buzz blade, flash from the weedless spoon and trigger motion from the plastic double tail. Certainly, this will not completely eliminate vegetation entanglement, but it surely minimizes it. This is an excellent addition to your tackle options for those days in spring when you want to test the weeds or those dog days of summer when vegetation growth has forced you to fish weed edges or deep water. It is also a chance to try a little finesse fishing for Muskie rather than the brute force 'Run & Gun' approach that has a bit more "glamour". This lure is available from Moore's Lures Website Lure Sales for a very reasonable price around $8.00 .