Musky America Magazine

Secret Lures Of The Chippewa Flowage Wisconsin’s Chippewa Flowage has a reputation as a tough body of Musky water. It’s 15,300 acres of water that are punctuated with islands and floating bogs, along with water of varying turbidity, present the Musky angler with a formidable puzzle for success on the water. Over the years, some lures have shown themselves to be consistent producers. Black bucktails with a green blade, Globes, Suicks and creepers have a very good success rate on the Chippewa Flowage. There are always some lure configurations that Musky anglers on the Chippewa Flowage tend to keep to themselves. Among these "secret" lures are an inline spinner known as a Janney Tail and a tinsel tail known as a Hooky Tail. Hooky Tail The Hooky Tail is made by Steve Van Heuklon and is a tinsel tail. The lure is 7" long, wire to wire, and weighs 1½ ounces. The tinsel is tied in a front forward configuration to present a larger target in the water.