Musky America Magazine

Mid-June Fishing For Musky By Tony Rizzo © 2005 I fished for about nine hours this June 18th. I must say that it was an outstanding day. The water temperature is at 74° and the air temperature at 80°. It's hot and sunny with the wind coming out of the West. I'm guiding a father and son today, neither of which have ever musky fished. The fish were going wild. One of the best action days I've ever seen. We had follows from doubles and even triples. Several times we had doubles on. The first cast of the day I caught a 38 inch on their rod, just showing them how to cast a Garcia reel. After catching the fish on their Rod, I released fish, only to hear "why did you let the fish go?" I said, "Well, I guess you'll have to get your own." Would you believe it, they did. We boated seven legals, 10 undersize of which three were 31 inches. We also lost seven others because they were beginners and they made lots of mistakes. I told them to make big turns when the lure came to the boat and not to slow the lure down and to maintain the speed on the turns at the boat, and above all, do not stop the lure on any follows. It is a very hard task for beginners. They made lots of mistakes. One mistake they didn't make was they got very few backlashes. That was good. Imagine getting action from 10 muskies in hour. It was a musky fishing dream. Then it happened, they had two muskies in the holding tank and although the aerator was on, they died anyway. The son hooked a fish that was 40 inches. Suddenly, as the son was fighting his fish, a fish came out of nowhere and took the dad’s white Rizzo Tail at the boat. This was a nice fish and when the son saw the size of his dad's fish he gave his fish total slack his fish threw the lure. After a good fight, the father got the fish to the side of the boat where I could net it. It was the best fish of the day, a 43 inch musky. I said to the dad, "You have to throw it back." He said, "Are you crazy?" That's the biggest fish I ever caught in my life and I'm not throwing it back!"