Musky America Magazine

The Topper Musky Fishing's Forgotten Surface Lure In this day of noisy topwater lures, the subtle action of Topper-style baits could be the ticket to Musky success but few fishermen use them. The term "Topper" can be considered a generic, more contemporary name used to refer to any one of a family of torpedo-shaped artificial surface Musky lures which began to be manufactured shortly after the turn of the century. Although they've endured more than 90 years of subtle body shape changes, numerous name changes, and an incomprehensible number of savage Musky strikes, these Toppers, for all their celebrated successes, have grown to become largely ignored Musky surface baits. Whether it be the old timer's secret, the Heddon 300; the classic perennial favorite, the Surf-Oreno; the six- gang-hooked killer lure of the 1950s, the Bonnet; the tried and true Cisco Kid Topper; or the one of a kind LeLure Topper…these dual-propped Musky treats have always been hard for old essox to resist. Producing a quiet, but most alluring, churning commotion and pushing a nice easy wake, these kinds of artificial surface lures have long been recognized as highly effective Musky plugs. So why have Toppers lost favor in the eyes of many topwater Musky hunters? Could the Muskies have gotten their fill of these lures? I hardly think so. In fact, I believe that Toppers are now the most underestimated Musky surface lures and, because they are now used so infrequently, to this generation of Muskies the Topper is actually a "new" lure and one which the Muskies are likely to crave all the more. As I've said before, while I don't consider a Musky to be a creature capable of logic, primordial instinct may make Mr. Musky a bit more leery of the commonly- cast lures. So it can't hurt to throw something these fellows haven't seen before. And, in this day and age, Toppers are one such lure type. So what could have accounted for such a marked decline in the use of Toppers during recent years? How could such a proven killer grow to become so