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technique include jigs with 2 inch twister tail, 2 inch double tails, or sassy shads. Apply a little fish sent and try fishing these plastic lowers against the current as much as possible. The current resistance against these plastic baits creates vibrations and presents a better target for the walleye. Vertical jigging and river fishing go together like Fridays and fish fries. To increase your chances of catching your next fish fry from a river, try this trick when the fishing actions slows down. Change your presentation by dragging your jig. Occasionally, lift it slightly off the bottom. Veteran river rats have found this change will trigger some of the non-aggressive fish. However, have plenty of jigs because you tend to snag more using this method. Summer Walleyes Walleyes can be taken not only on crawlers and leeches during the summer months, but also on minnows. Minnows fall from favor with anglers not because they stop catching fish, but due to the fact that it is almost impossible to keep most species alive. Not so with the lowly "mud" minnow. Many fishermen know that mud minnows are dynamite for largemouth bass, but very few use them for walleyes. They are by far and away the best minnows for warm weather. Northern and Musky love them also. They stayed on a hook and remain a live much longer than any chub. A 3 inch "mud" tipped on a 1/16 ounce weedless jig worked through the weeds is tough to beat on certain lakes. A mud minnow will survive all day in the minnow bucket in 90° weather with no special handling. Try that with chubs and they are dead in an hour without ice and aeration. Musky Tips. Since most Musky strike a lure as it hits the water to within the first 3ft. of the retrieve, a shorter cast increases your odds of producing a strike. Make 1500 short casts of about 75 to 80ft. long. During an average day of a musky fishing, this will give you a 1/3 better chance of a strike then your partner who makes 1000 longer casts that day. Follow Ups. Many times when a musky follows your bucktail to the boat aggressively but does not strike...try casting out the same color pattern, only in a smaller overall size. Many times this will provoke a strike. With catch and release fishing, many well-meaning anglers keep their catch out of the water longer than necessary. If your boat is equipped with a live well,