Musky America Magazine

How Do You Beat The Heat? In case you hadn’t noticed, the weather this Muskie season has been extreme. It seems that the whole country is caught in the grip of high temperatures and unsettled weather that is playing havoc with catching our elusive quarry. The sun has raised water temperatures into the mid-80 degree range on many bodies of water, especially those that are stained or turbid and the wind has not helped the situation. In Canada, the hot weather drives the fish shallow as they raise their body temperatures to help digest food and attempt to beat the short Canadian season, but in America, the hot weather drives the fish deep as they seek a comfort zone. When the fish go deep, the result is some pretty tough fishing. So…how do you beat the heat and catch a fish or two? It will likely require that you adopt a different approach to the hunt. With weather like this, the surface lure is the low percentage approach. The next lowest approach is bucktails or spinners unless you are using a lure that is weighted that you can "count down" allowing it to run deeper. Two lures that may be useful are: