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Get The Net Lures From Noah Binsfeld In addition to the 5/0 Mustad hooks in the belly and butt and the 1½ ounce weight of the lure, Noah adds heat shrink to the front of the lure and to the Marabou wrap and the rear hook making these lures built to last through multiple Musky encounters!! Check Them Out At: /GetTheNet.htm Check Them Out At: Jerk and crank baits are the higher percentage baits. Fishing these lures off the deep edge (12 to 15 feet) of a weed edge or shelf, is the high percentage approach. You may have to change to a slightly heavier rod and perhaps a different line strength (80 - 100 pound test Tuf-Line XP) to accommodate the heavier lures for casting or trolling. Probably the best time of the day to fish is early morning, after the water has had the night to cool off a bit. I am not saying that fish won’t be caught during the day or at night…what I am saying is that the high percentage time is early morning. Certainly, if you have a storm moving in and a barometer dropping, you should be considering going on the hunt while taking precautions to protect yourself from a storm’s high winds and lightning. You might want to take a look at the "Crank/Twitch/Jerk" articles on this website for some possible lure selections.