Musky America Magazine

Patience…An Alternative to the ‘Run & Gun I have noticed over the years that female Musky anglers seem to hook up more regularly than their male counterparts when they are in control of the selection of the fishing spot and the time spent on that spot. As a general observation, women tend to be more patient than men and don’t fall victim to the "Run & Gun" approach that would have one fluttering from spot to spot like a hummingbird collecting nectar Ever since the 2001 Musky season, after being chastised by John Dettloff for not spending enough time fishing spots clean, I have adopted a more "relaxed" approach to covering the water…an approach that has paid off over the years. So, it was with this mindset that my fishing partner Rob Meusec and I took to the waters of the Chippewa Flowage on an overcast September day in 2006. We had been having success with fish over the past week fishing traditional spots like Risberg’s Bar and Church Bar, to mention a couple, so we had good confidence that fish were in an active pattern. The light Southwestern wind had a mild chop on the water and the air temperature was in the mid 60’s…it was just a great day to be on the water. For those of you who fish the Chippewa Flowage regularly, you have probably noticed that there are very large expanses of water that have high Musky potential…so it is not uncommon to fish for a good hour or two covering one of these potential Musky producing spots. Rob and I chose a large expanse of water with good Musky potential and, with the wind somewhat at our backs, we began to cover the area. As you can see from the graphic below, the water that we chose had a good combination of shallow water with stumps and weeds. It also had deeper water close by with sloping drop offs.