Musky America Magazine

Adding A Twister This article is for those of you who have mastered the task of re-shafting your bucktails. As anyone who has caught a Musky using a bucktail knows, the likelihood is high that the bucktail will be deformed during the battle. Saving your favorite bucktail by re-shafting it is not hard. The step-by-step process for re-shafting a bucktail is covered in an article on this website called "Anatomy Of A Bucktail" . This article provides you with a configuration option for adding a twister tail to your bucktail during the re-shafting process. If you are using a single hook configuration for your bucktail, this article may provide no benefit for you, however, if you use a treble hook configuration, this article will provide some 'food for thought'. The process shown here depicts the configuration of a bucktail without the clevis and blade. The process is the same for adding the twister tail to a complete bucktail. First, you will need to get some solid stainless steel .051 wire. For a complete bucktail you should use a 12 inch piece of wire...for this configuration, I have used a 9 inch piece of wire. I have closed a loop at one end and added a split ring and a treble hook, shown here along with the twister tail and the bucktail tied to a lure body tube. Now, you simply pierce the twister tail with the wire shaft and slide it down the shaft as shown here. With that done, slide the bucktail onto the wire shaft as shown here.