Musky America Magazine

Night Time Is The Right Time Every angler wants to be successful when trying his or her luck on the water. Some anglers, usually the same ones, boat more fish by fishing at night. As the season progresses into mid-summer with water temperatures staying in the in the 80 degree range, even the best fishermen see their success on the water drop faster than a 1 ounce jig head. Fishermen have to contend not only with high water temperatures but must also share the water with pleasure boats, water skiers, and the ever present whining of the jet ski. With all this stacked against the fisherman, night fishing should be considered by all avid anglers. Many of us have given night fishing a half- hearted try, but only a hand full of those become nocturnal bobber bouncers and plug plunkers. Creatures Of The Night One major factor in your fishing success lies with your being on the water when the fish want to feed…This time is often during the night. Most species feed both day and night while Northern Pike and perch confine their feeding from dawn to dusk. Musky anglers lose a potential customer after dark because the Tiger Musky, a Northern and Musky hybrid, takes on the feeding characteristics of the Northern. Now, I recognize that there are exceptions to every rule, but in general Tigers feed during the day. Of the many anglers who try night fishing, most lose interest quickly in the isolation of the night. Fishing with a friend at night makes it more enjoyable and helps you to keep from calling it quits too soon. Plan Your Attack