Musky America Magazine

Early Season Top Water Tactics It was the opening of Musky season. The day was bright and sunny, yet a little on the cool side. Taking into consideration water temperatures and weather conditions, I decided our plan of attack for the day was to look for the Muskies around deeper water near the mouths of spawning bays. Several good spots and hours later without so much as a follow called for reassessment of the situation. After some thought I headed into one of the shallow back bays, and dug out some top-water lures. My partner looked at me as if I was crazy. He remarked "It's too early for topwater lures." It only took a few casts to prove him wrong. My Creeper had just cleared the end of an old partially sunken log when a nice Musky exploded on it. By the end of the day we had boated 3 nice Muskies and had action from several others. Switching to topwater lures on that spring day really paid off. There are many Musky anglers who, because of old myths and beliefs, mistakenly reserve the use of topwater lures for the summer period. Topwater presentations however can be very deadly in the spring. Whenever Muskies are in shallow water they may respond to a topwater lure. Weather conditions, water temperatures, and the type of lake are all important factors to consider when deciding where to use a topwater presentation. As the water warms Muskies will eventually become more oriented toward deeper water, but this is not necessarily so in the spring. Shallow spring Muskies are actually activated by warming air temperatures and solar heat. Careful choice of lakes and a watchful eye of water temperatures will provide you with active Muskies in the shallows throughout the spring and into the summer transition period. Daily weather conditions will determine just how active shallow Muskies will be. It can also move deep water Muskies into the shallows. Deep cold natural lakes tend to warm much slower than shallow dark water flowages. Consequently, these deep natural lakes will often hold more Muskies in the shallows much later