Musky America Magazine

Some tips For TUF-Line Use More and more Muskie anglers are using TUF-Line so I thought that you might want to consider these suggestions. A well tied knot is essential to ensure good line strength. Most of you are familiar with the Triple Palomar or Double Uni Knot. These work well but are sometimes hard to tie. I prefer a Duncan Loop . The Duncan Loop has been around for many years and is similar to the clinch knot except for the doubling of the tag end and main line before making any wraps. It is a very strong knot and attains 97% of line strength: 7% more than the clinch knot. That extra 7% is why I suggest it over the clinch knot. It is, by the way, easy to tie even with wet or cold fingers. In Step #1 , you insert the line through the leader leaving about 6 inches of tag end. Hold the tag end parallel to the main line for about 3 inches and make a loop with the tag end. Wrap the tag end 6 times around the parallel line of the inside loop as shown in Step #2 . Now, pull on the tag end to tighten the turns while holding the leader securely and make sure that the turns tighten evenly. Once the turns are cinched up evenly, pull the main line and leader in opposite directions to tighten the knot securely, as shown in Step #3 . Many of us who use the Duncan Loop also take one additional step. We make an additional knot in the remainder of the tag that we refer to as an insurance knot. This prevents the possibility that the tag will pull through the knot when under stress. You may have to practice this knot a few times to get it right but once you master the knot I believe that you will find it preferable to the clinch knot.