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Making The Most Of Your Line Fishing line, especially TUF-Line, can be a substantial expense when you have three or four reels to fill. Recognizing that many of you are on a tight budget and considering that over the course of a Musky season, a Musky Angler may not get out on the water as much as he would like, the line that is on your reels may not be getting overly stressed. Something To Consider When you cast, the line that is mid-way down from the top of your reel and all the way to the bottom of the reel rarely gets used. This line is, for all intents and purposes, "virgin" line. When you decide to replace the line on your reel, you are replacing line that has never been used. An Option For Line Replacement If you are not on the water every day of the season and are like most vacationers who only get two or three week a year to fish hard for Musky, then you can extend your line use by employing the following method: Since the line at the bottom of your reel is essentially "virgin" line, simply putting the "used" line at the bottom of the reel results in having fresh line with which to pursue our Musky friend. Take a reel that has no line on it and a reel that has "used" line. Loosen the drag on the full reel so that there is only minimal tension and then, after stripping off 5 - 10 feet of line from the reel to get rid of any frayed line, attach the end of the line to the empty reel. Now it is just a simple matter to swap the line from the full reel onto the empty one. You now have the "virgin" line at the top of your reel and you are almost ready to go fishing. Before you actually use the reel, the line needs to be tightly wrapped on the reel spool to prevent "the mother of all backlashes". Get out in the middle of the lake where you have an open area. Attach a leader to the line, depress the free spool and feed some line into the water. Slowly motor forward and the weight of the leader and line will strip line from the reel. Once the line is down to the spool knot, you