Musky America Magazine

Summer Is The Time Of Acute Musky Fever Musky Fever hits Hayward…Hundreds stricken…Tourists bring fever to area…No cure found, only temporary relief for victims…Only heavy doses of fishing can relieve this thing called MUSKY FEVER!!! Summer signals the start of the hot action for the King of the Freshwater Fish. Musky are spreading out and more likely to be on main-lake spots. Weed beds are reaching for the sky, and the water- ah! The water temperatures are reaching a steady 68-74 degrees. Musky are putting on the feed bag. Big females are starting to show up; this is the time of the season when musky action is at its best. There’s more fish action now than in any other month. September might see more trophy fish, but late June through early July is when the real action takes place. Below is a list of a few lakes to pound in the first few weeks of summer. Lake Winter : Lots of good action on this body of water. It has produced some big fish. Purple Bucktails on sunny days and yellow on overcast are the hot ticket in June and early July—both sporting brass blades. Chippewa Flowage : Bucktails are the best all around bait choice. Many favor fluorescent or green blades with black hair. First work the weeds, concentrating on the edges. Key weed beds have deep water on two or three sides. Surface baits are also a good choice. Creepers, Globes, Toppers and Water Thumpers are all in play. Lost Land Lake is usually solid weeds. Fish the open pockets. This lake is usually clear, but can also be stained depending upon run off. Orange or purple Bucktails with gold blades are a good bet. Also, the Suick has been hot on this lake. Teal Lake always has dark water, and a brass or copper-bladed Bucktail here seems to produce very well. For surface baits, globes, Hawg Wobblers, or water thumpers. Spider Lake - Spider Lake produces well on Bucktails with silver blades.