Late Season Tactics

Another feature that makes these lures unique is the use of hackle feathers. The feathers flare and pulsate through the water creating a profile that "tickles" the Musky's interest. The through wire is .043 stainless steel with 5/0 Eagle Claw O'Shagnessy 4X Strong Treble hooks attached direct to the through wire. The lure is 7 inches long from tip to the end of the treble hook and only weighs 1½ ounces, which makes casting easy. Visit The Jackson Lures Website to Purchase The Musky Tickler This is a very well made lure and comes with the reputation of the Mepps company. There are many color option that are available from Mepps. I have chosen the Black/Chartreuse feather pattern with the hot Chartreuse blade as an example. The lure comes with a large Colorado blade and two treble hooks, one in the body and one at the tail. The treble in the body is a dressed hook. That means that if for some reason hook will not take a point or gets a treble bent or has a treble cut to dislodge it from a Muskie…you will need to get a dressed hook to replace it. When last I checked, Mepps was not offering replacement dressed hooks. The tail hook is not dressed so replacement is made easy through the use of a split ring. The color chart below was taken from the web page at Jackson Lures and will give you some perspective regarding available blade and feather colors and patterns. See All Mepps Lures At Jackson Lures Website … a good price for the quality of construction and components.