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During the course of the Muskie season, the weather can be your Muskie fishing partner or your enemy. Previous Musky seasons have shown us that when the weather does not cooperate the Muskie fishing will go into the toilet. Aside from rapid swings in barometric pressure, a rapidly moving cold front has probably the greatest effect upon Muskie activity...More

Best Barometric Pressure For Fishing

There are all kinds of things that you must keep track of when you’re going fishing. From the type of bait you use, to the rod that works best for a given species of fish, the list of things you have to remember can feel overwhelming. However, knowing the best barometric pressure for fishing is something you absolutely cannot overlook. When you’re considering the best times of day to fish, barometric pressure is one of those daily and seasonal fluctuations that will play a huge role in how many fish you catch – if any. Here’s a quick guide to understanding barometric pressure as it relates to your fishing...More

Early Season Musky Tips For Bucktails

Real early spring musky fishing will generally be slow until the fish have spawned and some warmer weather hits. However, when the fish finally do become active, the best approach seems to be smaller lures including smaller bucktails. When I say small, I am generally referring to lure lengths of fewer than 5 inches...More

Early Season Top Water Tactics

My partner looked at me as if I was crazy. He remarked "It's too early for topwater lures." It only took a few casts to prove him wrong. My Creeper had just cleared the end of an old partially sunken log when a nice Musky exploded on it. By the end of the day we had boated 3 nice Muskies and had action from several others. Switching to topwater lures on that spring day really paid off...More

Early Season Musky Approaches

With the water temperature hovering just over the 60 degree mark, the fish seemed quite lethargic and were really holding tight, right in the thickest weeds. Faster moving lures like bucktails or topwater lures just didn't get their attention. Yet, if you slowly twitched a minnow type bait through the pockets or holes in the thick weed cover, you had better have a good grip on your rod! When these fish come up out of the weeds they really meant business. This pattern continued to produce action for us from several Muskies including a 50 inch plus fish that threw the lure out just as quickly as she took it...More


There was a clear blue sky, slight west breeze rippling the water, and temperatures were pushing well above 70 degrees that morning. Not what one would consider to be good Musky fishing conditions but, as Bruce has always said, "a Musky will always violate any theory you might have." Within an hour we rose our first fish, one that made an impressive boil behind my black Topper. The fish came out from two large stumps which were hung up on a small sand point. After thoroughly working the rest of the bar, Bruce quietly repositioned his boat for yet another drift on the spot. "This must be what Bruce meant by fishing an area clean," I thought...More

The Quest For A Weedless Musky Lure

Throughout the Musky season, weeds are an unavoidable consideration when fishing for our Musky friend. In the early Spring, we are searching for emerging weeds and as the season progresses we are seeking methods to fish close to the weed edges...More

Some Fishing Tips

Every fishing season we learn new tricks to improve and increase our enjoyment and hopefully our catch. Talking to people at sports shows, at my seminars, and in the course of a fishing day, I hear many interesting and informative fishing tips. The following are just a few of the fishing tips I feel are worthy of passing along...More

Implications Of An Early Ice Out

With relatively few instances of early ice out events, there is very little in the way of actual observations and implications of an early ice out. The folks at the DNR will likely have some thoughts on the matter, however such thoughts will either not be backed up by actual observation or will be mired in long winded technical postulations…in other words, they will be guessing...More

Early Season Dark & Clear Water Tactics

Most of the action centers on the dark water lakes, rivers, and flowages due to the fact that they are the first to experience warming. Musky prefer 68-72 degree water temperature. Dark water bodies of water will reach this before deep clear water lakes.  A few of the better bets for early season waters would be Moose Lake, which is excellent in May and early June. In addition, Ghost, Lost Land, and teal turn on fast in the early part of the season. Suggested lures are small bucktails and down sized Rapalas and Crane baits. Surface bait action starts out slow, but if you do throw one, make it a slow moving one like a ZZ Topper, or any of the line of lures from Best American Tackle...More


Good scouting of the body of water you are fishing upon is essential to being a successful Musky angler. Even if you are sure that you "know" the water you are fishing, it doesn't hurt to take a couple of hours to revisit old spots and refresh your memory...More

A New Face for the Musky Angler

Dirty, odiferous, un-kept and obsessed…all descriptions of the Muskie angler on the prowl for this fresh water shark. We have all seen him…up before dawn and stumbling his way down to the dock, poles and tackle box in hand. Setting out from the dock, his boat is consumed by the morning mist as he makes his way to the place where Muskie are found...More


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