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Hangin' Jerk Baits...

Most of the time when fishing for Muskies our lure speed ranges from moderate to fast. Yet slower presentations are often more effective, especially in the fall. But most lures simply won't function well at slow speeds...More

Twitch, Jerk and Glide

Fall Muskie fishing and jerkbaits go hand in hand, but what style jerkbait to use and when to use it? Make no mistake about it, jerkbaits can and do produce well all season long. When Fall comes round, they can really get hot.  Every tackle company seems to have one, Bobbie, Eddie, Teddie, Mikey…if you don’t have one named after you, hang in there…I am sure it won’t be long in coming.  With all of the different jerkbaits to pick from, just what do you look for before laying down your hard earned money?...More

Musky On The Spot

When the water temperature falls to the low 60’s during the fall, pre-turnover tactics come into play. For the fish, there is no advantage to being suspended in deep water or up on the bars or on sprawling food shelves. The surface water temperature is pretty homogeneous and conditions tend to spread the fish out...More

Dead Fish Swimming!!!

Surely, articles posted on MHM attempt to cast doubt on competent catch and recapture studies by attempting to frame the studies without 'independent peer review' as less than accurate...That is just 'Mule Muffins'. There are NO recognized independent and unbiased peer review authorities qualified to make Musky study pronouncements. MHM is following the Chinese model of information dissemination; "If you tell a lie loud enough over and over again, people will take it as fact"...More

The Underwater Seasons

During the course of the Musky season, every body of water undergoes changes in its water temperature as well as changes in the oxygen that is dissolved in the water. As the underwater seasons change, the Musky react to those changes driven by their need to eat and their need to breath. The successful Musky angler must tune into these changes. He/she must be prepared to be flexible with regard to lure selection as well as conducting a better evaluation of water and weather conditions. Late season fishing can be marked by drastic weather changes and dramatic changes in the condition of the water...More

Patience…An Alternative to the ‘Run & Gun’

I have noticed over the years that female Musky anglers seem to hook up more regularly than their male counterparts when they are in control of the selection of the fishing spot and the time spent on that spot. As a general observation, women tend to be more patient than men and don’t fall victim to the "Run & Gun" approach that would have one fluttering from spot to spot like a hummingbird collecting nectar...More

Everything Went Wrong

By the time I got back to Indian Trail Resort, the wind had picked up and was blowing out of the West at about 25 miles per hour. By all of the conventional wisdom, Musky are more likely than not to be on the move when the wind is up…the down side is that you have to fight the wind when casting as well as deal with the question of boat control. Unfortunately, some times we find ourselves spending more time engaging boat control in a heavy wind than actually fishing...More

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